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/ Behind the scenes of the Audi quattro® Experience

At Audi, innovation is more than a buzzword or operational task. It is a way of life – the very meaning behind Vorsprung durch Technik.

To take the Audi quattro® Experience from dream to reality required every ounce of our innovative problem-solving skills and world-class craftsmanship be put to work at every bend in the track.

Documentary title

Meet the craftsmen and technologists who came together to create this one of a kind slot-car experience.

Handcrafted 20 ft x 7 ft
custom-track environment

Creating a raceway of this size, scope, and detail takes more than a walk to the corner hobby store. So we commissioned the world-renowned track builders from Slot Mods USA to handcraft the course.


Scale model Audi A4 slot-car body and four-wheel drive chassis

Every detail matters. So when model-year-accurate Audi A4 slot cars couldn't be sourced, we simply made them from scratch. An industrial laser scanner was used to generate the digital outline, then body shells were created on a 3D printer and paired with separately sourced four-wheel-drive slot car chassis.

Mimicking quattro®'s cornering capabilities

By their very nature, slot cars are designed to come off the track. The Audi advanced quattro® all-wheel-drive system on the other hand, is specifically designed to help you do just the opposite. To reproduce the Audi A4 handling characteristics in a slot car, we spent hours testing and custom tuning the traction magnets on each vehicle – while still leaving enough play for racing to remain competitive.

Custom in-car
cameras, housing
and transmitter

Most slot car POV video footage is shot using a mountable camera strapped to the roof of the car. Not good enough for Audi. So we adapted miniature spy cams to fit inside the car, with custom circuitry to wirelessly transmit the live stream. A custom housing was also built into the 3D printed body shell to help minimize camera shake and vibration.

First of its kind: iPad slot-car controller

In a typical slot-car setup, drivers use a handheld resistor to modulate voltage to the track and, in turn, the speed of the slot car. This nearly 100-year-old system forces the driver to race from a bird's-eye view trackside, instead of the driver's seat where they should be. To change this, we developed a custom iPad app to pair with our in-car cameras – putting the driver right in the cockpit for the first time ever. And instead of the traditional electric controller, a digital thumb control interface was created to regulate acceleration and deceleration.

The 2013
Audi A4 quattro®

/ Features & highlights

quattro® all-wheel drive

Our legendary quattro® all-wheel-drive system brings unprecedented confidence and control to drivers worldwide. By dynamically shifting power between the front and back wheels as needed, quattro® lets you handle whatever comes your way.

Drive Select (optional)

Audi Drive Select automatically makes adjustments to the steering, suspension, throttle response and shifting aspects of the vehicle, optimizing your driving experience. Choose between one of four driving modes: automatic mode for everyday driving, comfort mode for long drives, dynamic mode for a more performance-oriented experience, and individual mode, allowing the driver to customize their own settings.

Power and efficiency

A turbocharged 4-cylinder 2.0-litre TFSI® engine and an optional 8-speed Tiptronic® automatic transmission deliver effortless power and seamless gear shifting. At the same time, these Audi innovations offer efficient fuel consumption. In other words, you'll get all the power without the sacrifice.

LED lighting

The unique LED lighting strips on the new A4 are a glorious combination of beauty and functionality. They also serve to effectively indicate the vehicle's presence with headlights and tail lights that are brighter, longer-lasting and more energy efficient.

Inspiring design

The A4 is characterized by its inspiring design. With accentuated horizontal lines, an arched engine hood, tapered upper corners of the single frame grill, and redesigned bumpers with angular air inlets, the A4 is a testament to what happens when dedication to crafts- manship meets purposeful design.